Product Photography For Amazon

Product Photography For Amazon

Product photography is a specialized photography niche that helps people sell products through the pictures of their products. Product photographs can differ in size and requirements depending on where these product photos are displayed. Product photography for Amazon is a specialized niche inside the more general product photography niche.

What Are the Requirements for Product Photographs on Amazon

Product Photography NYCWhat makes Product photography for Amazon a special niche is that Amazon has set requirements for the products that are posted on their site. If your image doesn’t meet their requirements they won’t allow the photograph of your product to be displayed and you must have a photograph in order to list your product for sale. Here the main requirements of photography for Amazon.

  • The main image must have a pure white background.
  • The product itself must take up at least 85% of the entire image
  • The image must be at least a 1000 pixels or larger in height or weight
  • Amazon prefers that your image be JPEG, but will accept TIFF and GIF as well
  • Additional images should show different sides of the product you are selling
  • The Image must accurately represent the image
  • The photograph must all show a clear product.

Should You Take the Photographs of Your Product for Amazon Yourself or Hire a Professional?

perfect photos for Amazon. If you are planning on selling a product through Amazon then you have to decide whether you should take the product photographs yourself or whether hiring a professional is a better option.

The main reason why people choose to do their own product photos is because they are trying to save money so they can make more profit from their sales. Unfortunately, while taking those product photographs yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional product photographer it may actually result in your making fewer sales, and therefore making less profit.

On the other hand, professional photographers do cost more than doing Product Photographs on Amazonthe photographs yourself, but they also guarantee high quality photographs of your products, which more often than not create interest in the viewer of those photos. If someone sees a high quality photograph of the product you have for sale, they are much more likely to purchase the product than they are if the image is fuzzy or lacks quality and interest.

The main reason why you should choose a professional product photographer is because they are experienced in making your product stand out. They know how to create the mood, set the stage and use the right lighting in order to make your product appealing to any that views the photographs.

Where to Find A Professional Photographer for Your Amazon Photographs

Finding a professional product photographer to do your professional Product Photography For Amazonphotographs isn’t always as easy as it may seem. If you live in a large city, chances are there is at least one professional product photographer near you, and possibly two or three. Somewhat smaller cities may or may not have a professional product photographer available and rural areas or smaller towns probably will not have a dedicated product photographer available to them. However, you need to know that no matter where you live or where your business is located you can have those products photographed by a professional product photographer. There are three ways that you can get a professional photographer to photograph your products even if there are no product photographers in your area.

  1. You can arrange for a photographer to come to your location. While this can be extremely expensive as you may not have to pay for travel expenses as well as the photographs this may be a solution for some.
  2. You can take your products to where the photographer is located, which may take up a great deal of time you could use for your business or
  3. You could ship your products to the photography service and have do your photographs and then send them back to you.
Consider Sending Your Products to the Photographer Rather than Have the Photographer Come to You

Most business people tend to think in a box when it comes to comes to general product photography having their products photographed. This limits their choice of photographers because they either choose a local photographer or have a photographer come to them to shoot photos of their products. This is fine if the products you are selling are big items such as refrigerators, big screen televisions or other large and heavy items, but if you have smaller products such as beauty products, clothing, jewelry, or even small grocery items, why not consider sending your products to a product photographer rather than have the photographer come to you?

Can I Really Send My Products Off to be Photographed?

In reality the idea of being able to send your smaller products off to be Photographs of Your Product photographed is a fairly new and novel idea to many people, so it is little wonder that people find themselves having difficulty believing that they can actually send their products off and have them professionally photographed. However, here at Product Photography NYC Services we do just that. If you ship your products to us our professional photographers will photograph those photos for you and make Amazon ready.

How Does Product Photography NYC Services Work?

Product Photography NYC Services is easy to use. All you need to do is Professional Photographer for Your Amazon Photographscontact our company, let us know your needs and then box up and send us the products you would like to have photographed. One of our highly skilled and experienced product photographers will photograph your products following Amazon guidelines and then we proof them before uploading them into a private gallery where you can access them anytime you are ready. We will then ship your products back to you.

Photographs in the Gallery

If you specify that you want

How Many Products Can I Send at One Time?

There is no minimium or maximum number of products that you can package and send to be photographed. Since product photography is our only business we photograph all day long so while it will take longer to complete a large number of products than it will to photograph just one, we can still photograph a large number of products quite rapidly. Give us a week to photograph your products and get them uploaded.

Is Your Professional Product Services Affordable?

Most people are quite surprised at just how affordable our product Product Photography NEw-Yorkphotography actual is. In fact, the more photos you need the lower our rates. When you contact us we will send you an estimate for our services based on your needs, or just send your products with your contact information and we will contact you with a price before taking your photographs. Many of our clients find our photography services cheaper than the same services provided by local product photographers.

Will Having Professional Product Photographs Really Result in More Amazon Sales?

There is no guarantee that having professional photographs done of yourProfessional Product Services products will absolutely result in higher sales as there are several variables when it comes to selling a product including whether or not the product you are selling is high demand. However you need to consider the fact that if your photographs don’t meet Amazon guidelines you will not be allowed to post your product for sale. In addition, if potential customers can’t clearly see your photograph and make out it’s features then chances are they will purchase the product from another seller. Putting the best possible product photo on Amazon will give you the best chance of making those sales.

How to Help Your Product Photographs Be Their Best

While a professional photographer can really make your product photos

perfect photos
Product Photography NYC

stand out, there are a few things you can do to help the photographer ensure your photos are the very best.

  1. If your product comes in a number of different colors and you are only going to have one color product photographed make sure you choose a color that will stand out against the white background.
  2. Choose only products in the excellent condition. Dings and scratches can be covered my manipulating the photograph, but nothing takes the place of a superior photograph of a perfect looking product.
  3. Make sure that you pack your products to protect them from damage in shipping to help ensure that arrive in the best possible condition.
  4. Make sure that you specify that you want your photographs to be formatted for Amazon in order to get the perfect format and then once your photos are uploaded check them to make sure that meet Amazons requirements.

Keep in mind that the sooner you get your products to us the sooner you can have the perfect photos for Amazon. Why not visit our website at or give us a call at 718-813-7939 and let us know how we can help you have the perfect Amazon photographs? We will be more than happy to meet your needs promptly and professionally.


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