Product photography – Everything that you should know about

Product photography – Everything that you should know about

As you know that the Photography is a kind of art, whereas the product photography is a fine art. Unfortunately, so many people are failing to realize this concept, even the medium, and small sized business owners are really failing to recognize the vast market’s ability in advertising photography. Ensure that the product photography includes photographing an individual product with the plain background to discard any kind of focus and distractions to get the viewer’s attention only on the product.

If you make the practice of product photography, then you will surely enjoy this, it is specifically vital when you are selling the items on eBay or through the own website. Ensure that the best product image can really make the listings more intensify and effective your sales.

You may wonder that why the product photography shot by the experts always look better than the normal photographs. This is just only because that the expert product photographer will usually depend on the 3 essential techniques or designing the product images that provides the product desirable look.

3 Important techniques used by the Expert Product Photographer

  • Create a Mood for Buying

For the realistic look of product photography, it is very important to create the mood. The act of setting with lighting, staging, and backgrounds, can create the convincing ambiance where more numbers of customers can be converted.

  • Having the Right Equipment
professional photo product studio
interior of professional photo studio

The need for the expert photography equipment is usually cannot be understood. The expert photographer utilizes an array of equipment to take the images that basically jump off the page involving:-

Background papers

Reflectors surfaces to offer the products a dramatic look

Powerful strobe lights to success more depth of field

Macro lenses for the close up works

Lighting boxes or the special softboxes


  • It’s all about LightingLighting

All the techniques and equipment that are used by the expert product photographers, lighting is an essential element. Make sure that the lighting can break or make the product photography. Usually, the lights are set up to highlight the vital parts of the product to make it attractive for the customers. The reflections will intensify the “glitter” quality of the product while photographing jewelry. Ensure that the perfect lighting will surely make the flat product look aspect in product photography. You can find the best and reliable experts online hire them for the better quality photography.

A brief glimpse into product photography

Product photography is nothing but capturing a product against its plain background. The plain background in the product photography helps to remove all sorts of distractions in displaying the product in an attractive way.

One of the most commonly overlooked areas within the field of the product photography is the camera itself. The camera equipment used in the product play a major role in capturing best snaps of the product. Regardless of the reason, it’s not safe to attempt capturing catalog in the house. It’s better to rely on the professional services for product photography.

What are all the aspects which make the camera equipment and camera very challenging when it comes to product photography? In this regard, there are mainly three things to be considered.

  • The very first thing is, people who are going to look at your product photos are camera enthusiasts as they are very much enthusiastic about the photographic quality. If the product photos are of poor quality, then really it doesn’t look attractive and gives an unappealing look to the consumers. When it comes to displaying a product image, it’s essential to have high-quality photos.
  • Most of the camera equipment tends to be dark as well as detailed. When you have a look at the most medium to high-end camera equipment, most of them tend to be completely black almost in all over the camera. This makes it quite difficult to capture photos in the dark environment. So, photos captured by amateurs either lose the details of the camera or make the camera flat and uninteresting.
  • The third factor relates to reflection as there are more than two areas in the camera which reflect light. The two most common examples are lens and preview screen on the back portion of the camera. In this case, the lens doesn’t pose any issue until the reflection of the studio is concerned. By making use of colored lights and appropriate lighting and proper exposure, it is very easy to make the lens stand out. This is indeed very much important because the lens is the real and a major element of color. So, by having a glowing lens along with light circles, it helps in capturing the best image.

So, when it comes to the matter of product photography, it’s better to hire professional services and studio else you will find your business underexposed.

The 3 essential L’s for shooting product photography

watch photography Any online site can be captivating only with the look and feel of their products and services are visually attractive and thus it enhances the sales of the product. Just displaying the digital pictures of the digital images in front of a white color background, doesn’t help you to achieve success in business. That’s actually where product photography comes into existence. Simple applications of product photography rules can turn an ordinary image into a masterpiece.

In product photography, mainly there are 3 L’s to go with. They are Lensing, Lighting, and Location. All these aspects of product photography help you in creating a perfect picture for your product shots.

  • Lensing

This is the most important aspect of product photography because in any image texture and detailing is very important. Some product looks better from far off distance than the one captured from the nearest distance.

  • Location

This is the principal feature of a product shoot. Depending upon the type of campaign, then budget required for product photography is fixed. Additionally, you should also do preproduction, referencing and many more. If the shooting takes place in a studio, then you need to create a light map. Prior to the original shot, take a test shot in order to see if everything is working in a proper manner.

If the shooting takes place in outdoor, then check for location, backdrops, and the art director. The location size will also affect the product dimension. The product photographer should have a good sense as where shooting takes place and how space is effectively utilized in displaying the item.

  • Lighting

A good lighting system enhances the look of the product, thereby making the light bright and resplendent. A soft light can avoid the hard shadow effect on the item. A cloudy day is perfect for the tabletop shoot.

People usually decide the product based on the snaps. So, the photos must be captured in such a way that, it should easily capture the interest of the people towards purchasing their product. With the attractive product images, you can definitely create an important connection through beautiful photos and videos of the product.

Attractive digital images are no doubt appealing to the people. The key success of an e-commerce site is the product photography captured with a keen sense of detail and also to help the people for online purchase.

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