Product Photo Tips For Walmart

Product Photo Tips For Walmart

Amazing Article About Product Photo Tips For Amazon

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Highly Effective Product Photo Tips For Walmart – If you’re searching for a product photo tips for Walmart, you have landed at the right place. In this article, we are going to take a close look at some helpful tips to help you increase your sales on Walmart marketplace.

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the world but it has lagged behind in e-commerce sales to Amazon. However, it is quickly playing catch-up and it has made huge strides over the past couple of years in terms of boosting sales on its online marketplace. Research data suggests that more than 110 million people visit this Walmart marketplace each month.

This has opened new opportunities for online sellers. Like Amazon, Walmart also has huge competition for sellers and you need to stand out in order to stay ahead of the competition on Walmart marketplace. One of the ways for you to stand out is to make sure that your product photos look spectacular. Here’s what you need to know about taking the right product images for Walmart marketplace.

Product Photo Tips for Walmart

First and foremost, you should begin by checking the product photo guidelines. For instance, Walmart has recently changed the product photo guidelines for its fashion section. If you are selling anything in the fashion section, you need to abide by the new guidelines.

The new guidelines suggest that sellers need to adjust and resize all the images in the 3:4 aspect ratio, portrait mode as this is how images are going to be displayed going forward. If you are selling products in one of the fashion categories, you need to make sure that the product images meet the above-mentioned requirements or you run the risk of being unpublished by Walmart. It is possible that Walmart will make further changes regarding its image guidelines and you need to make sure that your product photos always abide by those guidelines.

Flash Usage

One of the most common mistakes made by people when it comes to taking product photos is that they take images in light that is too bright. Experts recommend turning off your flash while clicking product photos as most people don’t know how to use our flash properly. In case there is too much glare on your product photos, it is going to look amateur and will turn off buyers. In case you want to use flash, put a diffuser on it in order to make sure that there is no glare.

Get Rid of Distracting Elements

This is really obvious but we have seen sellers make these mistakes. Get rid of all the other elements from the photograph. Don’t get too creative with your product photos. Sometimes, sellers tend to get too creative in order to create an image that grabs the buyer’s attention but more often than not, it looks cluttered and distracting. So, make sure that there are absolutely no distractions on your product photos. This rule does not apply to product photos wherein you want to include a scale in order to give an idea of the size to the buyer.


Ideally, it is best to keep this product on a glare free paper or fabric in order to catch all the details of your product. You should always keep in mind that the focus of the image should be your product and nothing else.

Highlight Product Details

You should try to create a shallow depth of field for highlighting various elements of the product. Since you have to make people feel that they are able to see all the details of the product, it is important for you to highlight everything in order to allow them to make a decision.

Take Help of Professionals

If you are selling only a few products on Walmart marketplace, you might want to click the images on your own. However, if you’re selling a lot of products on Walmart as well as other online marketplaces, it is better to utilize the services of experienced and reliable product photographers.

The biggest advantage of using a product photography studio is that they specialize in creating photographs in specific sizes in order to meet the specifications of a particular online retailer. These specialists have premium lighting equipment along with high quality lenses and DSLR camera in order to click high quality product photographs. They are also experts in using popular image editing software in order to make your product look perfect on the online marketplace such as Walmart.

Overall, these are some of the most important product photo tips for Walmart that you need to carefully consider in order to stay ahead of the competition and increase your conversion rate.

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Product Photo Tips For Walmart
Product Photo Tips For Walmart
Product Photo Tips For Walmart
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