The Worst Advice We’ve Ever Heard about Product Photography

Product Photography is a growing industry nowadays, as more and more shops migrate to the online environment. However, when you put so much distance between the customer and physical product, it is easy to create confusion and advertise your products in an unfavorable way. The worst advice we heard about Product Photography is that you can do it yourself.

When it comes to Product Photography and photography in general, the difference between a professional and an amateur can be a huge one. When you take that difference and multiply it thousands of times, you obtain the contrast between a successful business and one that fails in the first year. Owning a DSRL camera doesn’t mean great photos will come your way with little to no effort. Technique, knowledge, and experience are equally important as the camera and the lenses you have. Many amateurs fail to produce quality Product Photography because they don’t know how to unleash the true power of their devices.

Another bad advice which is very common amongst business owners who want to take Product Photography in their own hands, is that you should commit a large sum of money from the beginning. We know too many cases when the enthusiasm for photography faded away in a matter of months. Those expensive new lenses and accessories end up being sold at half their initial value. This is a waste of both time and money. If you doubt your skills as a photographer and doubt your ability to learn and persevere, leaving Product Photography for those who already know how to do it is the reasonable option.

Now that we explored the biggest mistake you could possible make with Product Photography for your business, it is time to take things a bit forward. Let’s say you had the courage and decided you will be the one to shoot the products. The following paragraphs will talk about concepts you should already be familiar with. If you struggle to get a grasp of what we are saying, this means you are about to make that big mistake. Go back to the basic and invest a lot of patient until you master the ABC of photography.

LightingGreat Product Photography relies almost exclusively on two aspects – the way you use light and the way you focus. Basically, the starting point you should have in mind is that people want to have an in depth understanding of what they are buying, from the comfort of their personal computer. This means that every product photography you put online needs to perform at its maximum potential and convey the maximum information. High-resolution photos will allow your customer to breech the barrier of the screen and feel more connected and more familiar with the products on display.

Light often changes our understanding of color and you certainly don’t want that to happen to the products you need to sell. Especially when it comes to clothes and accessories, people are very sensitive to the event in which they receive something else than expected.  Avoid shooting with multiple light source, as you have smaller chances to trace with accuracy each one’s exact contribution. Natural light is the best, but when it comes to Product Photography, things are more difficult. First of all, expect to shoot for hours in a row, and this means the angle and the intensity of the sunlight will also change. In order to streamline post-processing and obtain the same quality, you will need to take the session indoors.

perfect photos for Amazon.Detail is often directly linked with how well you use light. Over-exposure and under-exposure are the biggest mistakes when it comes to making Product Photography. Learning to predict the output of your camera under various conditions can only be done if you allow yourself time and patience to accumulate experience. Learning how to shoot products often takes the hard way. You will ruin the first couple of batches before you decide to settle with some settings. Often, it is not your camera the one that makes photos look too dark or too pale. The display you use to review photos is equally important as the gear you paid so much for. Choose the right settings and visualize your photos the same way your clients will. Often computer monitors display colors in a strange way and you can fail to understand why your customers complain so often. We use calorimeters for monitor calibration on each one of our workstations and this is the way to go if you call yourself a pro. Color depth and color profile are again settings that might influence the way your photos are perceived by online viewers. Although you might think that there is no doubt which color is which, you can go wrong in many ways. For example, if you decide to print a catalog, you would have to check that the transition from RGB to CYMK is done properly. The way color is obtain on your computer monitor is very different from the way your photos are being put to paper. Again, if you feel like all this information is too much, you should end the pain and choose professionals to take care of your Product Photography needs.

Product Photography relies on a large number of repetitions, which choosing the right settings a crucial aspect. Although many software allow you to pass the modifications from one photo to another, and even to apply the settings once for all, you have to be sure that this is what you want. Shooting in RAW format might make you proud of your knowledge of file formats, but can also drain precious resources in post-processing.

The way you frame the photo and the angle from which you take the shot are essential parameters for you Product Photography session.  The product itself is the focal point, so avoid any distracting background or other item present in the frame. Professional product photographers know exactly how to isolate or remove the background altogether. This is a chapter where the capabilities of your lenses can make the difference. However, post processing can do well in terms of putting more focus on the product itself. Using a vignette might sound like a good idea, if your photography skills derive from Instagram.

Returning to the idea at the beginning, it is advice to use professionals if you have a limited understanding of how photography works. Taking a photo with your smartphone and increasing saturation will never produce great Product Photography. Although post-processing might seem as an almighty science, everything you do in addition to what the camera sensor already did, only adds noise. You certainly do not want to make your products look blurry and out-of-focus.

Our company has all the answers for your dilemmas and for the thoughts going through your mind so often. Yes, it is much better if you do only the things you are good at. Is not worth it to compromise a good business for the ambition to call yourself a photographer. Product Photography has now evolved to create 3d photos of the products you want to sell. Again, such quality features come attached only if you are willing to invest at the beginning in your photos.


You have a great handmade crafted product, you have a huge project that is related to some serious money, it doesn’t matter the size, but you need to have a visual asset surrounding your product or your service, so you decide it’s time to hire a freelance photographer to do the job. It doesn’t matter if you are a big client or a newly entrepreneur with a fascinating start-up, you have to keep in mind certain things to enhance your ground as a client when looking for photographs as assets for your business.

The first thought of somebody with a business might be to get a stock photo, but then the stock photo would look clichéd if you are a picky person, and then, the necessity of a different asset, will see the light. There is a huge demand from sellers and producers in our organic globalized market of today, ruled by e-commerce for Great Product Photography.

Is not a secret that products tend to get their desire from customers thanks to their visual attractiveness. The experience here comes into two ways, of course, the principal actor of expertise, is the photographer, but I think, clients need to get their selves some level of expertise as well. And here is a simple way to hack into it.

Product-Photographer-NYCThere are certain things that you, as a customer, need to keep in mind before calling a product photographer. We as photographers, have niches, and you need to know this because photographers tend to specialize in a certain niche, so not all photographers will deliver a pleasant job when you relate a certain type of professional with your product or service. The most basic thing you need to keep in mind, is your product or service. You know this by instinct, but there are certain kind of products that need some special treatments.

Type of product or service that need a special focus:

  • Fashion: You’ll need to have a staff of models, or ask for a photographer with plenty of experience in this field. You can skip the responsibility by trusting the job to a photographer that can handle the whole project from models and stylists, to lightning and catering.


  • Food: You will need to go beyond the photographer, and you’ll have to ask for, or hire, a food styller. There is a somewhat huge problem when it comes to food because the chef is going to be aware of the taste, and the looks will come to a second plane in his priorities. You’ll have to get a food styller. You’ll have to be prepared to invest in ingredients and other things that will work as props for this job. I can state an advice here, and is to plan ahead the dishes that are going to be shot, your star products might be the way to go. There is no necessity to shoot the whole amount of plates on the menu.


  • Patented products or patent related products: You’ll have to consider certain legal credentials, since you want to protect your intellectual property. I highly recommend you to get some information about intellectual property and patents, since it would be very desirable for you to be the owner of the entire amount of files or negatives that might be produced in the shooting. Of course this would raise up the price of the photographer’s quote, but it’s a great way to keep your intellectual property protected.


  • Product: There is virtually an endless list and categories of products, but Product Photography NYCthe only advice I can give you, is to define a scope in which you will include the stars and certain specific products. There are certain cases in which you’ll have to get a huge amount of photographs, like an online store for hardware, but this can fit into a rare case.


  • Product as a Service: The only thing that would really be helpful, would be to do some research before calling a photographer. You need to analyze trends by doing some benchmarking job online.


  • Staff: Sometimes you need to show to the world why your business family is different, and why they can trust you as business partners.


Other things to keep in mind regardless the product:


  • Rents: You’ll have to keep in mind on your budget to invest in several kinds of rents. This can go from Props and specific architectural locations, to helicopters for aerials.


  • Setting: There are certain kind of settings that the photographer would suggest for the project, and you’ll have to keep in mind this because of transportation and logistics.


  • Legal stuff: There is a great variety of contracts you can arrange with a photographer, and they all depend on the level of ownership of the negatives and photographs and the period of time that this statements would be valid. You can consider Creative-Commons as a way to go if you are a small entrepreneur.


  • Extra Skills: We can do multitask, we are used to do a lot of things that excel our scope, you can ask for some extra skills related to post-production or graphic design as well.



It all comes to a certain point in which you have decided exactly what you are looking for, and you now, can plan a meeting with some photographers. Be sure to be very clear on what you want for your photography asset. There would be a huge difference between an unexperienced clients, and a client with experience at the moment of the meeting. We all need to get experience when it comes to business, and both clients and suppliers can grow their expertise. You need to have a repertoire of references so you both can work in a more organic way. It is your business, you’ll enjoy doing some research to get the perfect mixture of references and own vision to get a visual product that will fit all your needs. For me this is the most valuable moments of this process, because all the background effort of yours, will be useful when stablishing the desired objective that you want to achieve.


Things to ask to the photographer

  • Photography equipment
    Photography equipment including a professional digital SLR camera and light meter with a blank notebook

    Ask for a portfolio: There is no better way to share experience than by showing clients a portfolio. Ask the potential photography partner to show you their portfolio.

Ask for a formal quote: Please do it, this will keep things traceable and it pushes us to work in a more professional way.

There can be moments in which you realize that you need two or three different kind of images, and it is not crazy to request different photographers to work together to get the project done. We as photographers tend to be kind of loners, but trust us, we can work in teams as well. For example, you own a restaurant and you want to show not just your products, but also the ambience of your place. You can hire a food photographer, and a photojournalist.

Said and done, you’ll begging to include this in your natural workflow if you practice this advice’s, and this will maximize time, and believe me, time is money.

Product Photographer Queens

Professional photography of any product quickly and affordable. support your local Product Photographer in Queens NY
Quantity discounts · Fast delivery & pickup from Queens.

Product Photographer QueensThe feel and look of your online store can be very interesting or captivating if the entire images of your services and products are sold in a visually attractive way. This can give you immediate enhancement in your product and services sales. In fact, you can sometimes come across some online sites that are offering wide array of products and services yet the display of visual images is very poor and limited.  This may eventually lead to loss of sales.

This where the importance of Product Photographer Queens comes in.  It is a well-known and highly reputable company that can greatly respond to your product photography concerns.  They are known not only in Queens area but also to huge number of places around the world due to the high quality yet very affordable services they are offering.  As their company name suggest, they are well known in taking photographs of some products you wished to promoted to huge number of people around the world.

The photographs or images they offer give your business a final push to your prospective buyers to become your potential customer.  After all, images always speak louder than words as what their company always put emphasis every time business owners are asking for the reason behind the service the company offers.  This also helps business owners to acquire easy and very profitable actual selling process as the visitor of the site is highly influenced by the photographs posted on the website.

Important Aspects Offered by Product Photographer in Queens

Not all product photography service providers or companies offers the same quality of photographs. There are companies who are offering services at its expensive prices yet the quality can still be considered poor. But, with Product Photographer Queens, you’re given an assurance that everything will be different.

This is because of some of the best aspect that their product photography is offering that sets them apart from others. To give you an idea on what these aspects are, here are the lists of some of the best aspect that are very essential in Product Photographer Queens are as follows:

  • Display in Best- Suited Environment

Product Photographer Queens professional and high quality product general product photographyphotography services highlight displays in best suited environment.  This is very ideal for products like shoes as the potential buyer are given the chance to acquire actual view of the product in its actual usage and not only in the studio setting.

Indoor setup as well as artificial lighting are not used by the company as this is not suitable to all types of products. If your business offers outdoor items and products, well showing them outdoor environments in a natural way can enhance the products appeal. But, most of the time, products that are sent to Product Photographer Queens are usually taken in their studio.

  • Alternative Images

Huge numbers of shots of angled images of products can always convey wealthy information such as benefits, versatility, features and many others. Such images can also convey message to huge numbers of viewers showing that your company is taking good care of the products as well as their clients. This is through assuring that the interested buyers will be given enough amount of information that could make their purchase process easy and simple.

At Product Photographer Queens, they make sure that the images of the products that they are going to capture can offer the best detail of the products by a closer look of the customer. This is very essential since your promoting products and your main aim here to immediately catch the attention of the buyers at the very first glace to the photographs.

  • As Is
Photography equipment
Photography equipment including a professional digital SLR camera and light meter with a blank notebook

Product Photographer Queens makes sure that the products will remain as is. This is essential to those businesses who are selling clothing and fashionable items. Display of these items will not be as appealing when it is placed in mannequins but when this will be displayed on live body, then expect for more appealing and surprising look.

Images and photography will serve as the most important key of your business to acquire great success and progress. This is the reason why getting in touch with Product Photographer Queens is an ideal thing to do. They are going to offer their great service to assure that your business can acquire the best and most appealing photography that can immediately catch the attention and interest of web visitors.

Products Photographed by Product Photographer Queens

Not all photography company are offering photography services to all Product Photography NYC (39)types of products. But, with Product Photographer Queens, you’re assured that any product your business wanted to promote will be given professional and appealing photos. They are also taking photos of different sizes and style depending on what you desire for.  They are offering photography services of different kind and size of products.

Some of the products that they are capturing include different types of appliances, skincare products, perfume, clothing, shoes and many others. They are also taking photograph to hair care products, toys, jewelry and more. This is just a manifestation that Product Photographer Queens is offering flexible photography services that suits whatever products you have.

How Product Photographer in Queens Work?

To make everything simple and easy for you and take advantage of photography services offered by the company, they assure to make the process simple and easy for you. Here is how their services work:

  • Contact

You just need to visit the contact page of the company. Then, tell them what product photography you need and they will immediately give their approval. After describing the project, you wanted they can quickly estimate the money you’re going to spend. Before contacting them, you can just email them and they will just notify you for some updates regarding your concern.

  • Shipping Products

For the photographer to capture photos of the products you wanted to promote, you’re required to ship some of the products needed to be photographed. All you have to do is to request the most professional specimen of the products who can securely put it into package and deliver to the company. Be sure that all the necessary information will be placed inside the box along with the product. Product Photographer Queens will immediately contact you once the package arrives.

  • Photography Arrangement

After they have received your photography, they will quickly contact you. They will also go over your product details to discuss what you wanted. They will also answer all the question that keeps on bothering your mind.

  • Photographs

After all the necessary details are organized and worked out, they will now photograph your products right away. They have professional and skilled product photographers who are expert in showing the best of your products. If you’re one of those people who are selling products in Amazon, then trusting Product Photographer Queens to be the photographer of your product is an ideal thing to do.  They will assure that they can meet the standards and guidelines in Amazon.

It will take skilled photographers in Product Photographer Queens a week to analyze and finalize the photos. After assuring that the photographs are already on the best standards you expect, then it’s now time for the company to give it back to you.

Once Product Photographer Queens, have completed their work, they will immediately post all the photos online specifically in an online gallery which is private. This is a place where you can completely view the photos and gives you the ability to ask for some changes of you wanted before posting it in your online business store site.  Keeping the photos in a private gallery first is one way of allowing you to download such photos anytime you wanted.

After knowing that you’re satisfied with the photos we have taken, they will carefully pack the items and products to safely send it back to your location. They will carefully and safely pack each product you’ve sent to make sure that it will arrive on time in your hand in its safe and original condition.

Perks of Getting in Touch with Product Photographer Queens

There are huge numbers of companies that are offering product photography businesses that you may get in touch with. This is the reason why searching for the best and most reputable one is a bit difficult. But, as you choose product photography services offered by Product Photographer Queens, you’re assured of acquiring amazing and convenient experience that could boost sales and profits to the products you’re offering.

Product Photographer Queens also offers spectacular benefits hence choosing them for your photography concerns is an ideal thing to do. Here are some of the benefits that this company offers and they are as follows:

  • The product photographs that they are going to offer you will be captured from real studio with the right equipment, accessories and lighting. This is just to ensure that your product photos become a real and impressive punch to customer’s attention and interest.
  • If you’re living in rural area, small city or large city, you’re assured that you can always count on Product Photographer Queens.  They are going to render their best and high quality photography services upon your request.
  • They are going to give your website more polished and professional look. This is the reason why products that you’re offering will also rank on top of the commonly chosen items among buyers since these are completely polished and professionally angled.
  • Professional type of photographs can showcase your services and products at its best advantage and that’s why Product Photographer in Queens They are going to help your business acquire best advantage in helping your potential customers to see your specific products benefits.
  • The product photos that Product Photographer in Queens will be offering can also help you in encouraging potential clients to choose the products or services you’re offering. This is also an essential way on how you can build trust to your product and store.
  • Product Photographer Queens gives your store the chance to hire a product photographer regardless of your location.

As you get in touch with Product Photographer Queens, you’re assured that not only your products and services will be recognized but the name of your business, too. This company can give you immediate yet effective boost that can enhanced sales and profits in your business.

The Perfect Time to Hire for Product Photographer Queens Services

One of the best time to hire for the services offered by Product Photographer Queens is during the time that you’re starting to build your online website or store where your main concern is to sell products from huge numbers of people around the world. By getting in touch with a professional product photographer from the start, you’re given high percentage of guarantee of letting your website acquire professional appeal and look at the time it is already visible online.

However, if you already have an online store for many years, you can still take advantage on the services they are offering. It’s never too late for you to enhance the products your offering. That is why, hiring for Product Photographer Queens is an ideal thing to do. They will immediately change some of your product photos which are considered to be dull and boring into its amazing, professional and very stylish appeal as what you wanted.  This will eventually give your online website or store a professional feel and look beyond what you expect.

The Best Service Offered at the Right Price

At Product Photographer Queens, they are highly recognized because of their best product photography services offered at the right price. Their photographers are well-experienced and knowledgeable in the photography field hence they are truly passionate about giving you the best product photography services you deserve to have.

Thus, if you’re starting to create your online store and you need to post professional photos in your website or just wanted to upgrade your existing product photos, then choose to get in touch with Product Photographer Queens. They are one of the best companies that you can always count on as far as product photography services are concerned. Considering their services is really worth your time, money and effort which can totally give you satisfying and best results.


Product Photography Brooklyn

Product photography can help you a lot in enticing your target customers to view and eventually, purchase the product you offer. Consumers commonly take a look at a product when they are attracted in the way it looks and product photography Brooklyn plays a very important role.

Businesses around the world have realized the importance of product photography Brooklyn in the recent years. Having the best images of the product that businesses sell is so important to attain success in terms of marketing. Product photography is an art and first class photos, particularly of 3D objects, would never be easily achieved. When it comes to the level of quality that is required for industrial product photography, a studio setting will be truly helpful and the expertise of a professional photographer is definitely important. The most crucial elements are the lighting, clarity, background, context and the composition.

Professional Product ServicesA professional photographer who specializes in product photography makes use of different pieces of professional equipment, which are important to be used in order to attain the best possible result. A light box, specialty lenses and cameras, light diffusers, and a broad selection of backgrounds as well as props are just some of the items that are needed to ensure top quality product photographs will be obtained in the end. Aside from that, skills and expertise of an expert product photographer are invaluable.

Megapixel of more than 10 is truly essential for digital camera as well as the perfect lens to be used may be 100mm macro. The source of light is highly important in the general setup of the photo shoot. Usually, as far as indoor product photography is concerned, two light sources will be needed. One of these will serve as the primary light for direct light on the product or this could be diffused indirectly like using the light tent. The other light source used is generally a reflection-diffusing or fill light to eliminate that shadow effect.

Product Photography NEw-YorkBesides, there are 2 major lighting to use when it comes to product photography Brooklyn. Strobe light is extremely great for that sharp look on chrome or metal objects like glass items and jewelry. Ambient light creates a smooth appearance provided that the product photographer knows the right way to diffuse as well as reflect the light source. While the business industry is becoming more and more competitive day by day, a professional ecommerce online store is important in order to gain success.

Your product will be the life line between your client and your business. A professional product photographer can attain good and perfect color and that sharp image appearance through bringing up the sharpness of the look of the product. Quality product image is the key to the success of your business.

How Can Product Photography Brooklyn Help Increase Your Sales?

Product Photography BrooklynWhether you are selling a product online or through a catalog, you still need to have high quality and detailed images for it. If you find it hard to get your customers enticed to try your product, take a look on the way you feature your product. Are the pictures of your product making it look worth buying? If you are still struggling to sell your product, the reason behind that can be that your customers are not attracted to or they do not see the product clearly. It is important to provide high quality, clear photos of your product that will let your customers every single detail…even the smallest part of the item itself.

If you have photos of your product on your website and they are not good and crisp, you can be doing more harm than good for your business. Poorly captured images of your product could drive your customers away from your website and they will fall in the hands of your dear competitors. That’s the worst nightmare you don’t want to come to life, right? So to lead the competition, you should be certain that your product looks good in the eyes of your target customers.

There are many business owners who try to capture some images of their product which they upload on their website or to their social media accounts. That option can really help you save money but DIY product photography cannot guarantee you good pictures of your product. Instead of keeping the internet users interested in your product, you are turning them away and this will put your business in danger of losing it one day.

So how does professional product photography Brooklyn can help you increase your sales? One of the benefits that you can gain from having your product professionally photographed is that by just paying a small amount to a skilled product photographer, you will be getting photos in a PSD file. It is the image of your product which was taken out from any background and is placed on a translucent background. The benefit of getting this file is that you could already place the image on top of another photo and then create some creative graphics which will be giving your business a much more professional and credible image.

For instance, your business is all about selling car parts for race cars. With the PSD file, you will be able to get a photo of a car part and then place this on top of the picture of a race track. It will instantly inform your customers that your business specializes in selling the parts they actually need and it appeals to them for the reason that it’s a picture of something that is recognizable for them and this will add a visual dimension which catches their attention.

You know based on your personal experience that your perception or view about the reliability and quality of a business can be determined by what you can see. If you will see images that are of the poorest quality, you will think that the company might not be a legitimate one, that they may not stand at the back of their product or they might not be in the industry for a long time. On the other hand, if you will see a well-designed website or a catalog having good and perfectly captured images which will help you in thinking whether that product shown to you is what you like then your perception of the business is that they are the one which cares about their valued clients. You will think of them as a legitimate business with good standing and they will be around for years that you can come back to them someday when you need them for the second time.

Choosing the Best Product Photographer

Product photography services are widely offered in many different countries around the world. When it comes to choosing the best product photographer, there are some important things you have to take into account. Product photography is not easy and only a professional and experienced product photographer can give you the best product images you need.

Things to Consider:

When planning to hire one, it is important to talk with them through the phone and then setting a schedule of meeting at your business office or in their studio is possibly the best option since it will give you the opportunity to determine what you want and see firsthand the way they will respond to your requirements.

A good product photographer must ask you to view your product or for a guided tour of the area where you want to shoot so they can assess what particular equipment or lighting adjustment should be done at the shoot. On the day of the product shoot, you have to make sure that everything needed by the photographer as far as products, the location and people involved are all available and in good condition. The product should be in good condition while people involved must be present and the location must be cleaned. Small details can make or break a photo so make a plan ahead of time and discuss these issues.

Lighting is a very essential element when it comes to product photography which gives food its delightful, fresh and mouth-watering effect or that shining, slim and stylish look to a mobile phone if that is what you sell.

The location shoots at times are essential yet when trying to get the best results may sometimes require extra work and time to control the lighting and the surroundings. In all situations, a skilled product photographer would have a range of extra lighting with diffusers or soft boxes and some additional props to enhance a perfect set of photos.

Start Finding the Right One

You can start by searching for a studio that specializes in product photography Brooklyn through the internet. In just a few clicks, you will already find a number of companies that you can hire. Think of getting some suggestions as well from your friends or relatives who are also business owners. When you look for a professional product photographer, do not forget to consider those important factors mentioned above.

When it comes to product photography, many businesses trust . They render product photography services and they are committed to providing the best captured images for different products.


Product Photography For Amazon

Product photography is a specialized photography niche that helps people sell products through the pictures of their products. Product photographs can differ in size and requirements depending on where these product photos are displayed. Product photography for Amazon is a specialized niche inside the more general product photography niche.

What Are the Requirements for Product Photographs on Amazon

Product Photography NYCWhat makes Product photography for Amazon a special niche is that Amazon has set requirements for the products that are posted on their site. If your image doesn’t meet their requirements they won’t allow the photograph of your product to be displayed and you must have a photograph in order to list your product for sale. Here the main requirements of photography for Amazon.

  • The main image must have a pure white background.
  • The product itself must take up at least 85% of the entire image
  • The image must be at least a 1000 pixels or larger in height or weight
  • Amazon prefers that your image be JPEG, but will accept TIFF and GIF as well
  • Additional images should show different sides of the product you are selling
  • The Image must accurately represent the image
  • The photograph must all show a clear product.

Should You Take the Photographs of Your Product for Amazon Yourself or Hire a Professional?

perfect photos for Amazon. If you are planning on selling a product through Amazon then you have to decide whether you should take the product photographs yourself or whether hiring a professional is a better option.

The main reason why people choose to do their own product photos is because they are trying to save money so they can make more profit from their sales. Unfortunately, while taking those product photographs yourself is cheaper than hiring a professional product photographer it may actually result in your making fewer sales, and therefore making less profit.

On the other hand, professional photographers do cost more than doing Product Photographs on Amazonthe photographs yourself, but they also guarantee high quality photographs of your products, which more often than not create interest in the viewer of those photos. If someone sees a high quality photograph of the product you have for sale, they are much more likely to purchase the product than they are if the image is fuzzy or lacks quality and interest.

The main reason why you should choose a professional product photographer is because they are experienced in making your product stand out. They know how to create the mood, set the stage and use the right lighting in order to make your product appealing to any that views the photographs.

Where to Find A Professional Photographer for Your Amazon Photographs

Finding a professional product photographer to do your professional Product Photography For Amazonphotographs isn’t always as easy as it may seem. If you live in a large city, chances are there is at least one professional product photographer near you, and possibly two or three. Somewhat smaller cities may or may not have a professional product photographer available and rural areas or smaller towns probably will not have a dedicated product photographer available to them. However, you need to know that no matter where you live or where your business is located you can have those products photographed by a professional product photographer. There are three ways that you can get a professional photographer to photograph your products even if there are no product photographers in your area.

  1. You can arrange for a photographer to come to your location. While this can be extremely expensive as you may not have to pay for travel expenses as well as the photographs this may be a solution for some.
  2. You can take your products to where the photographer is located, which may take up a great deal of time you could use for your business or
  3. You could ship your products to the photography service and have do your photographs and then send them back to you.
Consider Sending Your Products to the Photographer Rather than Have the Photographer Come to You

Most business people tend to think in a box when it comes to comes to general product photography having their products photographed. This limits their choice of photographers because they either choose a local photographer or have a photographer come to them to shoot photos of their products. This is fine if the products you are selling are big items such as refrigerators, big screen televisions or other large and heavy items, but if you have smaller products such as beauty products, clothing, jewelry, or even small grocery items, why not consider sending your products to a product photographer rather than have the photographer come to you?

Can I Really Send My Products Off to be Photographed?

In reality the idea of being able to send your smaller products off to be Photographs of Your Product photographed is a fairly new and novel idea to many people, so it is little wonder that people find themselves having difficulty believing that they can actually send their products off and have them professionally photographed. However, here at Product Photography NYC Services we do just that. If you ship your products to us our professional photographers will photograph those photos for you and make Amazon ready.

How Does Product Photography NYC Services Work?

Product Photography NYC Services is easy to use. All you need to do is Professional Photographer for Your Amazon Photographscontact our company, let us know your needs and then box up and send us the products you would like to have photographed. One of our highly skilled and experienced product photographers will photograph your products following Amazon guidelines and then we proof them before uploading them into a private gallery where you can access them anytime you are ready. We will then ship your products back to you.

Photographs in the Gallery

If you specify that you want

How Many Products Can I Send at One Time?

There is no minimium or maximum number of products that you can package and send to be photographed. Since product photography is our only business we photograph all day long so while it will take longer to complete a large number of products than it will to photograph just one, we can still photograph a large number of products quite rapidly. Give us a week to photograph your products and get them uploaded.

Is Your Professional Product Services Affordable?

Most people are quite surprised at just how affordable our product Product Photography NEw-Yorkphotography actual is. In fact, the more photos you need the lower our rates. When you contact us we will send you an estimate for our services based on your needs, or just send your products with your contact information and we will contact you with a price before taking your photographs. Many of our clients find our photography services cheaper than the same services provided by local product photographers.

Will Having Professional Product Photographs Really Result in More Amazon Sales?

There is no guarantee that having professional photographs done of yourProfessional Product Services products will absolutely result in higher sales as there are several variables when it comes to selling a product including whether or not the product you are selling is high demand. However you need to consider the fact that if your photographs don’t meet Amazon guidelines you will not be allowed to post your product for sale. In addition, if potential customers can’t clearly see your photograph and make out it’s features then chances are they will purchase the product from another seller. Putting the best possible product photo on Amazon will give you the best chance of making those sales.

How to Help Your Product Photographs Be Their Best

While a professional photographer can really make your product photos

perfect photos
Product Photography NYC

stand out, there are a few things you can do to help the photographer ensure your photos are the very best.

  1. If your product comes in a number of different colors and you are only going to have one color product photographed make sure you choose a color that will stand out against the white background.
  2. Choose only products in the excellent condition. Dings and scratches can be covered my manipulating the photograph, but nothing takes the place of a superior photograph of a perfect looking product.
  3. Make sure that you pack your products to protect them from damage in shipping to help ensure that arrive in the best possible condition.
  4. Make sure that you specify that you want your photographs to be formatted for Amazon in order to get the perfect format and then once your photos are uploaded check them to make sure that meet Amazons requirements.

Keep in mind that the sooner you get your products to us the sooner you can have the perfect photos for Amazon. Why not visit our website at or give us a call at 718-813-7939 and let us know how we can help you have the perfect Amazon photographs? We will be more than happy to meet your needs promptly and professionally.


Product photography – Everything that you should know about

As you know that the Photography is a kind of art, whereas the product photography is a fine art. Unfortunately, so many people are failing to realize this concept, even the medium, and small sized business owners are really failing to recognize the vast market’s ability in advertising photography. Ensure that the product photography includes photographing an individual product with the plain background to discard any kind of focus and distractions to get the viewer’s attention only on the product.

If you make the practice of product photography, then you will surely enjoy this, it is specifically vital when you are selling the items on eBay or through the own website. Ensure that the best product image can really make the listings more intensify and effective your sales.

You may wonder that why the product photography shot by the experts always look better than the normal photographs. This is just only because that the expert product photographer will usually depend on the 3 essential techniques or designing the product images that provides the product desirable look.

3 Important techniques used by the Expert Product Photographer

  • Create a Mood for Buying

For the realistic look of product photography, it is very important to create the mood. The act of setting with lighting, staging, and backgrounds, can create the convincing ambiance where more numbers of customers can be converted.

  • Having the Right Equipment
professional photo product studio
interior of professional photo studio

The need for the expert photography equipment is usually cannot be understood. The expert photographer utilizes an array of equipment to take the images that basically jump off the page involving:-

Background papers

Reflectors surfaces to offer the products a dramatic look

Powerful strobe lights to success more depth of field

Macro lenses for the close up works

Lighting boxes or the special softboxes


  • It’s all about LightingLighting

All the techniques and equipment that are used by the expert product photographers, lighting is an essential element. Make sure that the lighting can break or make the product photography. Usually, the lights are set up to highlight the vital parts of the product to make it attractive for the customers. The reflections will intensify the “glitter” quality of the product while photographing jewelry. Ensure that the perfect lighting will surely make the flat product look aspect in product photography. You can find the best and reliable experts online hire them for the better quality photography.

A brief glimpse into product photography

Product photography is nothing but capturing a product against its plain background. The plain background in the product photography helps to remove all sorts of distractions in displaying the product in an attractive way.

One of the most commonly overlooked areas within the field of the product photography is the camera itself. The camera equipment used in the product play a major role in capturing best snaps of the product. Regardless of the reason, it’s not safe to attempt capturing catalog in the house. It’s better to rely on the professional services for product photography.

What are all the aspects which make the camera equipment and camera very challenging when it comes to product photography? In this regard, there are mainly three things to be considered.

  • The very first thing is, people who are going to look at your product photos are camera enthusiasts as they are very much enthusiastic about the photographic quality. If the product photos are of poor quality, then really it doesn’t look attractive and gives an unappealing look to the consumers. When it comes to displaying a product image, it’s essential to have high-quality photos.
  • Most of the camera equipment tends to be dark as well as detailed. When you have a look at the most medium to high-end camera equipment, most of them tend to be completely black almost in all over the camera. This makes it quite difficult to capture photos in the dark environment. So, photos captured by amateurs either lose the details of the camera or make the camera flat and uninteresting.
  • The third factor relates to reflection as there are more than two areas in the camera which reflect light. The two most common examples are lens and preview screen on the back portion of the camera. In this case, the lens doesn’t pose any issue until the reflection of the studio is concerned. By making use of colored lights and appropriate lighting and proper exposure, it is very easy to make the lens stand out. This is indeed very much important because the lens is the real and a major element of color. So, by having a glowing lens along with light circles, it helps in capturing the best image.

So, when it comes to the matter of product photography, it’s better to hire professional services and studio else you will find your business underexposed.

The 3 essential L’s for shooting product photography

watch photography Any online site can be captivating only with the look and feel of their products and services are visually attractive and thus it enhances the sales of the product. Just displaying the digital pictures of the digital images in front of a white color background, doesn’t help you to achieve success in business. That’s actually where product photography comes into existence. Simple applications of product photography rules can turn an ordinary image into a masterpiece.

In product photography, mainly there are 3 L’s to go with. They are Lensing, Lighting, and Location. All these aspects of product photography help you in creating a perfect picture for your product shots.

  • Lensing

This is the most important aspect of product photography because in any image texture and detailing is very important. Some product looks better from far off distance than the one captured from the nearest distance.

  • Location

This is the principal feature of a product shoot. Depending upon the type of campaign, then budget required for product photography is fixed. Additionally, you should also do preproduction, referencing and many more. If the shooting takes place in a studio, then you need to create a light map. Prior to the original shot, take a test shot in order to see if everything is working in a proper manner.

If the shooting takes place in outdoor, then check for location, backdrops, and the art director. The location size will also affect the product dimension. The product photographer should have a good sense as where shooting takes place and how space is effectively utilized in displaying the item.

  • Lighting

A good lighting system enhances the look of the product, thereby making the light bright and resplendent. A soft light can avoid the hard shadow effect on the item. A cloudy day is perfect for the tabletop shoot.

People usually decide the product based on the snaps. So, the photos must be captured in such a way that, it should easily capture the interest of the people towards purchasing their product. With the attractive product images, you can definitely create an important connection through beautiful photos and videos of the product.

Attractive digital images are no doubt appealing to the people. The key success of an e-commerce site is the product photography captured with a keen sense of detail and also to help the people for online purchase.