Product Photography NYC

Product Photography NYC

Whether you are establishing your first online store, looking to improve your sales in an existing online store or selling a few items on Amazon your store can benefit greatly from professional product photography in NYC. Of course not every area in the country has skilled product photographers available to take photos of the various products you may have for sale and even fewer of these photographers are able or willing to produce photographs that adhere to Amazon’s guidelines, which is where Product Photography NYC can help, regardless of where you happen to be located. We can provide you with the highest quality professional product photographs for a reasonable price.

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Why Choose Professional Product Photography?

Many people starting an online store for the very first time and who own a digital camera find


themselves wondering why they should hire a professional product photographer to take photographs of their products when they can take those photographers themselves. While you can take the photographs yourself, those photographs probably won’t give your website the professional look that you want and need to capture your potential customers attention and trust, which will result in fewer sales of your products. The more professional your website and your product photos the more likely you are to make sales and earn a profit from your online store. So choosing a professional product photographer is a cost effective way of earning money and making more sales that will help to make your online store a success.

How Can Product Photography NYC Help Those Who Don’t Live in New York?

NYC Product PhotographsYou are probably wondering how a Product photography NYC service help those who live in Florida, Montana or the Midwest. We serve several other countries as well as every state in the United States. We offer our services to potential customers all over the USA and in several other countries as well. You aren’t even required to travel to take advantage of our services. You simply send your products to us and we will photograph them for you before sending your products back to you.

How Does Our Product Photography NYC Service Work?

In order to make it easy for you to take advantage of our product photography service we do everything we can to make our photography services as simple for you to use as possible. Here is how our services work.

  • Contact Us- Just visit our contact page, tell us what you need and we will write out your order for you and you can approve it. If you describe your project for you we can even give you an estimate to cost. You can also mail your products to us without contacting us first, and we will notify you when they arrive and then give you an estimate and get your approval before we start work on your photographs.
  • Ship us Your Products- In order to take photographs of your products you will need to ship them to us. Simply choose the best speciman of each product and securely package it and send it to us. Make sure that all of your information is in the box with your products so we can contact you the moment the box arrives.
  • Arranging for the Photography- After receiving your products we will contact you and go over all the details of your order and discuss with you exactly what you would like, while answering any questions you may have.
  • Photographs- Once all the details are worked out we will then photograph all of your products right here in our studio. Our professional product photographers are highly skilled at showing your products at their very best. If you are selling your products through Amazon simply let us know and we will make sure that our photographs adhere to all Amazon guidelines. It will take us about week to photograph your products and post them in our gallery after we have proofed them to make sure they are up to our standards and the standards you expect.


Once we have completed your product photos we post them online in a private online gallery where youPhoto delivery can view them and request any changes you want or need or download them to online store’s webpage. We will keep your photographs in the gallery so that you can download them anytime you want or need to.

We Ship Your Products Back to You

Once we know that you are completely pleased with your photographs and no more changes are needed we will then carefully pack up your products and send them back to you. We carefully pack each product to ensure that they arrive back in your hands in the same condition in which we received them.

Benefits of Professional Product Photography NYC

There are several benefits of professional product photography NYC services. These benefits include:

  • The ability to hire a professional product photographer for your online store regardless of where you are actually located.
  • A picture is worth a thousand words and a professional photo of your product helps encourages interest in your potential customers and helps to build trust in your store and its products.
  • Professional photographs show your products at their best advantage and helps potential customers see the benefits of specific products.
  • Gives your online store’s website a more professional and polished look.
  • If you live in a large city or are located near a large metropolitan area, then you may be able to find a professional product photographer. However, the rates charged by many of these photographers makes their services unaccessible to small online stores. Our product photograhy NYC services rates are deliberately kept as low as possible so even small online businesses can afford to have high quality professional photographs.
  • If you live in a small city or rural area there simply may be no professional product photographers available making our product photography NYC services the only way to get those professional photographs you want and need.
  • Your product photographs will be taken in a real studio by a professional photographer with the right lighting and accessories to make your product photos pack a real punch.

When is the Best Time to Hire a Professional Product Photographer?

Product Photography NYC (39)The ideal time to hire a professional product photographer is when you are building your online store and website. By having professional photographs right from the start your website will have that professional look and appeal from the moment it goes online.

However, even if you have had an online store for several years, you can benefit from having your products professionally photographed. It is never too late to improve your website or your product photographs and hiring Professional product photography NYC services can help you to change those non professional photographs of your products into professional looking photographs and give your website a more professional look and feel.

What Types of Products Should I Have Photogrpahed by Product Photgraphy NYC Services?

While we are more than happy to photograph any Product and do photograph all sizes and types ofProfessional Product Photography NYCproducts for various customers most of our long distance customers tend to send small products to have us photograph. It simply would be far too expensive to ship a refrigerator or other large product from one location to our studio to have it photographed by our professional photographers. However, for smaller products such as clothing, perfume, skin care products, and even toasters and small appliances it can be extremely useful and cost effective to have photograph these types of products.

We also photograph such items as jewelry, hair care products such as curling irons, and even halloween costumes as well as children’s toys and games and a host of other products. Our skilled professional can photograph any product your need to have photographed.

How Many Products Do I Need to Have Photographed by the Product Photography NYC Service?

There is no minimum number of products you need to have photographed by our product photography NYC service. We are more than happy to photograph a single product such as you may have for sale on Amazon or at a reduced price for a special sale. In addition, we are also more than happy to photograph as many products as you wish us to. Since product photography is our career, we photograph products all day long, so we can offer you very competitive pricing for each and every one of your photographs.

Tips for Using our Product Photography NYC Services

If you are planning on using our product photgraphy services here are some tips to help you make these services go much more smoothly.

  1. Decide what products you want to have photographed. You can choose one or two products or every product you have for sale. If you want an estimate of our services before sending us your products then fill out the short form on our contact page and tell us a bit about your project including how may products you want photographed and how many photographs of each of each product. The more specific you can be, the more accurate our estimate will be. If you want photographs from several different angles specify that as well.
  2. Inspect the products you plan on sending to have photographed to make sure that any labels can easily be read or that there are no dings or dents in your product. Make sure that choose the best products possible.
  3. Make a list and copy of each product. Send the copy of the list with your products and keep the original list for your own files to ensure that we don’t miss any photgraphs or forget to repack one of the products you sent.
  4. When packaging your items, make sure that each product is wrapped separately and packaged well to prevent damage to each and every product.
  5. Insure your package. While it isn’t necessary to insure your package it is wise since having insurance will protect your investment in case your products are destroyed in transit.
  6. Once your products are photgraphed and uploaded to our private gallery make sure that you scrutinize each product photo to make sure the photographs are exactly what you want them to be. If necessary ask for any changes immediately. Do keep in mind that changes may require additional charges.
  7. Once you are satisfied with all your product photographs you can download to their online store’s website. You can choose to download all your photos at once or a few at a time.
  8. Once your products have been returned check them to ensure that they have been returned in the same condition you sent them. If there is damage notify the Product photography NYC Services immediately with photographs of the damages.

The Right Service at the Right Price

Here at Product Photography Service we have built our reputation on providing our customers with the right services for the right price. Our staff of professional product photographers are all experienced in their field and are passionate about the career which adds up to their having the ability and the motivation to provide each and every customer with high qualities photographs at an affordable price. We worked hard to build a service that our customers can rely on and we are constantly looking for new and better ways to serve our clients.

If you are starting an online store and need professional product photos for your website, or are looking to upgrade your current product photographs or need some photographs for those products you wish to sell on Amazon why not take a few minutes to contact us at Product Photography NYC city and find out how we can make your product photographs stand out from the crowd. We will be happy to answer any questions your may have, address any and all concerns and provide you with the high quality professional photographs you want and need to help you make your online store a success.

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